Necessary tips for the father of the groom while preparing for the speech

The father of the groom is one of the most important people present at two people’s wedding. It is of great joy and delight for a father to be present at the wedding alter and see his son become responsible enough to hold the hands of a lady and start a new life together. He walks down memory lane as he sees his son slip the wedding ring in the fingers of the bride. He recollects his marriage and all other succeeding events that led to this day. This is all what a father expresses in his speech.

Rehearsing before deliverance

People generally are not very fond of speeches and so orators really to work hard in framing their speeches right, to keep the attention of the audience hooked to his speech. It is quite a task, and so it is important to rehearse before the final day. Fathers busy during the preparation period do not get enough time to sit down with a pen and paper. But, one has to put much effort into it, so that the wedding speech may come out as engaging and entertaining for the guests. [Read more…]

Making the Most Special Father of the Groom Speech

One does not need a counselor for making a great father of the groom speech. One should be able to say what he feels of the occasion and how goodly he wishes the newly married couple. There are a variety of speech ideas in several books and also over the net. It becomes easier for people who call for a wedding planner for wedding arrangements. They themselves will help him out in framing the perfect speech for the most special son. But, if you are actively participating in the wedding and planning things with other member, then you will surely have to take time out forth wedding speech for father of the groom.

Simple and easy

What one should focus on is making the speech as simple as possible. The simpler and easy it is to understand, the more heart strings will it touch. You will not have to use powerful words in order to show your prowess over the language. It should just be able to move people and impress your daughter-in-law’s family. But, that obviously does not mean that the wedding toast speech will have to be completely unstructured and unplanned. You will have to work on it secretly, so that it may be a total secret for your son. He should be able to feel increased affection and respect towards you, after you are done with it. [Read more…]