Key Elements of a Typical Groom’s Father Speech in 2017

If you read a little some of the articles of this website, you definitely found out that the way in which a wedding toast (in our case, a father of the groom speech) is organized is no different from the structure of the small pieces of writing that each of us wrote as schoolwork. Such an oration ought to commence with a small opening (of a few sentences), followed by a principal section (much larger than the first part) and another small section, representing the ending (i.e. the speech’s conclusion).

Details about the topics that you ought to cover in the first and in the last part (the intro and the ending) of the speech that you have to offer at you son’s marriage reception, are presented in other posts of this website. This article presents an overview of the main ideas that are appropriate for the second section (i.e. the body) of a successful father of the groom wedding speech. After reading this article and others, you will be tempted to include many ideas in your oration, but you must not lose site of the recommended time span of such a toast, which is somewhere around three to five minutes.

You must know that, while in the intro part you must address the audience as a whole (by greeting, welcoming and thanking the attendees), in the other two parts of your toast (the body and the ending) there are some persons and even groups of persons to whom you ought to speak directly. These special individuals, with whom you must interact directly in the body and in the ending of your father of groom toast, are, first of all, the newlyweds: the bride (whom you must see as your own daughter, as she is now your daughter-in-law) and the bridegroom, your son. The bride’s parents and family are other person’s to whom you must address directly, but only in the main section of your speech.

When it comes to the bride, you ought to express your appreciation for her and you should also tell her that she is welcomed in your family. Regarding your son, the bridegroom, it’s advisable to congratulate him for having such a lovely person as his wife. These are things that you should do in the body of your father of the groom speech. In the same section of your oration it’s also recommended to express your gratitude to the people who organized this special event, unless you are the one who arranged your son’s wedding reception. Anyway, the bride’s parents should be the organizers, according to the wedding protocol from many countries. However, if your family organized this reception, you should thank, on behalf of your family, to the persons who helped prepare this event.

Your toast’s body should contain a short description of your son, the groom. You ought to highlight his best personal qualities in the middle part of your father of groom toast. In this description there is room for adding some funny lines, in order to relax the atmosphere and entertain your listeners. For example, you could briefly tell some amusing events from his early days.

During this main part, it’s a good idea to talk a little, if the newlyweds agree, about their relationship. The moment, the place and the modality in which they first met (or, if you want, in which you first met your new daughter-in-law, i.e. the bride) are suitable items for your oration. Moreover, you can talk about the way in which your son, i.e. the bridegroom, has evolved since he has fallen in love with his wife, i.e his bride. In the last sentences of the body of your father of the groom speech, you can offer some useful tips for a happy marriage. For instance, you could advice your son (the bridegroom) and his wife to always have a deep respect one for the other, a mutual understanding and a lot of patience.