Important Tips for Delivering the Perfect Speech for Your Son’s Wedding

Father of the Groom SpeechIt is very important to come out as a nice, gentle and loving father. The father of the groom speech should be warm, kind and emotional. But it comes out best when they put in their unique personal traits in them. Every father is different and hence the wedding speech given by him on his son’s wedding should be different too (click here to check out some nice speech examples). The structure of these speeches is basically the same, but there is always scope for improvisations.

Using funny stories from your son’s childhood

This forms the USP for most speeches. There are surely some funny incidents related to your boy, when he was a child. A caring and loving father will remember them forever, even if his son forgets. If you put those stories in your speeches, it will not only be exceeding entertaining, but very overwhelming for your son. He will know how special he is for you. The wedding toast will become so special, that people will keep talking about it after the wedding is over.

Never be too spiritual or philosophic

Your son will be waiting to hear some nice advices from you during the wedding, about some happily married tips. If you go very spiritual or talk about the negativities of life and marriage, then neither your son nor his wife will take it in a good way. The guests would be yawning and you will feel embarrassed at the end of it.

Praising your wife

You surely don’t take the entire credit for your son’s bringing up. You must most definitely praise your wife and tell what a wonderful mother she has been. You must also give her credit for your successful married life and wish such bliss for your son. The father of the groom speech should be short yet very powerful. If you feel that you will not be able to cover up all the areas within 3 minutes, then you will surely have to practice for it. The length of the speech should not be more than that and yet it should be able to make an impact.

Praising the bride’s family

The common mistake that people make, is forgetting the names of the important members of the bride’s family. If you fumble while recollecting the name of the bride’s brother or father, then your daughter-in-law will surely be annoyed. If you have a habit of forgetting names easily, make sure that you practice them before-hand. Stressing on the pronunciations is also important. If you have spoken it incorrectly, then be prepared to get corrected by them after your speech. So, it is better to ask them about the correct pronunciations, before the wedding. They will surely not mind.

Having the right demeanor

You are naturally a grumpy individual then this is the occasion to show the pleasant side of you. Make sure to smile and look around while you give the speech, otherwise people may think you are too proud. Try to show your inward happiness on your face, no matter how difficult it is.