Father of the Groom Speech Template & Tips

Father of the Groom Speech Template & TipsThere are a couple of days in one’s life that are memorable, happy and full of emotions. Examples of such days are these: the day when you find out that you are going to have a baby, the day when your child is born, the day when your son or daughter is getting married.

In these days, you are simply overwhelmed of emotions and of feelings of gratitude for the blessings of your life. The day when you find out that you must prepare a father of the groom speech, that you will offer at your son’s wedding, is another important day of your life. But the period until the marriage ceremony or reception is also important, since you must get ready for your toast. In this article I decided to include some helpful suggestions that can be used in the process of creating such a speech.

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Template for the Toast of the Groom’s Father

The most useful advice that can be offered to a person that is going to deliver an oration at a special event refers to the topics that ought to be included in a speech of that type, and also the recommended order of such topics. That’s why I included a father of groom speech template in this post. This template is only a general one, that presents a standard structure for such a wedding speech. Great formulations for the topics and ideas of this template can be read in the resource (specialized for this kind of toasts) that is shown on this webpage.

First and foremost, the oration given by any speaker at a wedding ceremony or reception should have the three famous sections: a brief introductory section, a big main part and another brief section that must close the speech, that is an ending. Now let’s see, for the father of the groom toast, for each of its three main sections, what are the items that should be included. The topics that you will find in the subsequent passages of this article are some ideas that should be used in such a wedding speech; they are not mandatory topics, although some of them are strongly recommended to be included in a toast of this kind. However, you can omit some of them and even change their order in the speech.

Here are the most important topics that are included very often in the first portion (the intro) of the father of the groom speech examples: presenting yourself, welcoming and thanking the persons attending the reception. The way you open your oration, the ideas you include in your intro and also the way you formulate them depend very much on the place of your toast in the ensemble of the toasts (that are delivered at your son’s wedding reception), which is determined by the wedding protocol, that depends on your area and culture.

In the great majority of regions, the wedding is organized by the bride’s family (more precisely, by her parents), that’s why the first speaker is usually the bride’s father. Anyway, it’s always good to open a speech (in this case, a father of the groom wedding speech) by greeting the attendees; a simple “Hi, everyone!” is enough. You are required to tell to your audience who you are only if neither a presenter, nor another speaker introduces you before you commence your oration. You can introduce yourself in a direct manner (“I’m the bridegroom’s dad”) or in an indirect one (“…welcome to the reception of my son’s wedding”).

The strongly recommended topics for the main section of your oration are these: welcoming your son’s new wife (i.e. the bride, who becomes, through this union, your new daughter-in-law) and her family in your own family (in the case of the wedding speeches, father of the groom toast should should contain the speaker’s contentment for the fact that the two families have been united and they form now a bigger family), expressing your appreciation for the bride and hihglighting her best qualities, felicitating your son (I refer to the bridegroom) for his lovely spouse and also describing the groom (from a father’s standpoint).

When describing your son, you can enhance your oration by adding some humor to it. You can do this by mentioning some funny moments from the groom’s youth or courtship (for his bride). Any father of the groom speech example that you will find in the resource on this webpage contains excellent formulations for each of the aforementioned topics.

Other examples of topics that you may use in the body of your wedding speech are these: your son’s (i.e. the groom’s) positive changes determined by his affection for the bride, details from your son’s relationship with his spouse (e.g., how and when they met, etc., details that must be offered only if the newlyweds agree this) and some advice for each of them (you can tell them some tips for a happy marital life). Your father of groom speech should end with you blessing the newlyweds and proposing a toast for them and for their union. In the last section of your toast you can sum up the oration’s main topics. You also have the possibility to end (as well as open) your wedding toast with a poem or quotation (the one used in the intro must not be the same as the one in the ending).

3 Tips for a Great Father of the Groom Speech

Now that I revealed you the standard template of a speech that must be offered by the groom’s dad, it’s time to discover you some of the most powerful tips concerning this type of oration. First and foremost, it’s essential to avoid looking like a pupil telling a lesson in front of the classroom. For this, you must be relaxed and confident while giving your toast, you must refrain from looking in a sole direction, you must speak like conversing with your friends, etc. Secondly, your father of the groom speech must be short, that is its duration must be around five minutes. Thirdly, your oration should have a principal theme, that should be suggested in the introduction, expanded in the body and summarized in the ending.