Does the Father of the Groom Give a Speech at the Wedding?

Does the Father of the Groom Give a Speech at the Wedding?

I got a lot of emails from my readers asking “does the father of the groom give a speech at the wedding?”, so I decided to write this short article to clarify this.

The answer is a bit more complicated than you would expect. I can’t just say “yes” or “no”, although both answers would be good (I lost you here, right? Keep reading and you’ll understand). The idea is, the answer to this question depends on multiple things and I’ll present them below.

1) First, it depends on your culture and tradition. For example, in most countries like those from Europe or Asia, the groom’s father doesn’t give any speech at the wedding. The typical speeches in those cultures are groom’s speech, best man’s, bride’s father and eventually the maid of honor can give a toast if the newlyweds ask her to. While, in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, father of the groom speeches are quite often a mandatory part of a typical wedding reception. Or take UK for example, the groom’s father isn’t always supposed to give a speech, while the bride’s father pretty much has to do it, whether he likes it or not. [Read more…]

How Long Should a Father of the Groom Speech Be?

Among all questions that many groom fathers have when preparing their speech, this is definitely in top 3. And it pretty much makes sense, before you start preparing your speech, you need to long how long should it be. That’s why I decided to write a quick post today, trying to clarify this a bit. Of course, I could simply give you a short answer like “xyz minutes”, but that wouldn’t be too helpful, would it?

So, how long should a father of the groom speech be?

Well, according to the standards and general common sense, a typical speech shouldn’t be longer than 7 minutes. Actually, between 5 and 7 minutes is the ideal length. This is short enough that you won’t bore your audience with your endless stories, but also long enough that you have plenty of time to include all the essential parts in it. [Read more…]