Best Way to End Your Father of the Groom Speech

Best Way to End Your Father of the Groom SpeechThe truth is that, many times, when composing an essay, the hardest thing to create is represented by the opening part, that is the introduction of the composition. But it is difficult to compose not only the intro, but also the ending (i.e. the final section). This is true even in the case of a toast given by the groom’s dad. This article contains some of the most useful father of the groom speech tips that are related to the last part of such an oration. In order to come to the aid of the dads who have to offer a toast at their sons’ weddings, I created this article in which I included not only the topics that ought to be covered in a speech of this type, but also some pieces of advice concerning the creation of the final part of such a toast.

Main Topic of Wedding Speeches for the Groom’s Father

When thinking to the proper content of a toast’s conclusion, it’s helpful to know that every wedding speech should have its own main subject. This rule is valid also for the father of groom speeches. Let me tell you now exactly what this means for you. First of all, you must make sure that your oration has a principal theme; in order to do that, it would be better if you chose a main topic for your toast, even before starting to compose its text.

Now that I told you about a speech’s primary subject, you might be wondering what does this have to do with the speech’s ending. Well, it’s a common mistake to believe that the body (i.e. the main section) is the only portion of an oration that should be related with that oration’s main idea. Including in the case of the father of the groom wedding speeches, even the other two well-known sections of a composition, the intro and the conclusion, should be connected with the composition’s principal subject. Let me tell you how. The introduction ought to suggest the central subject, while the ending should re-outline the main topic or simply sum up the principal topics of the toast.

The theme that you choose for your oration should be connected with the context in which you deliver this toast that you create. An example of suitable main subject for your toast is gratitude; you should express the reasons for which you are so grateful – for having such a wonderful son (that is the groom) and daughter-in-law (the bride), etc. The father of the groom speech examples and templates (which are present, in a large number, in the resource whose front cover is exhibited on this webpage) will offer you more interesting suggestions for a suitable principal subject for a wedding toast for a speaker of this type.

How to End the Father of the Groom Toast

A necessary requirement for the final part of such a toast is to be short. Two paragraphs must be enough for what you intend to include in the conclusion of your oration. Considering the “optimal size” of a wedding toast, which is somewhere around 700 and 800 words, it can be easily deduced that there may be inserted at most three topics in the ending of your father of groom wedding speech. Since you are going through this article, you are curious about the most appropriate topics for the final portion of your toast, aren’t you? Well, these ideas are very simple and also easy to guess.

First of all, in the ending of your oration, you ought to propose a toast for your son’s new family: the one formed of him (the bridegroom) and his wife, who is, after the wedding ceremony, your daughter-in-law. This is not mandatory – it’s just a good topic to cover in the last part of your oration. Another interesting idea to use in the ending section (that can be read in numerous father of the groom speech examples and templates) is to bless the new couple. In other words, you ought to wish the newlyweds to have a fulfilling, happy and successful union, blessed with many wise, healthy and, of course, beautiful children.