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Key Elements of a Typical Groom’s Father Speech in 2017

If you read a little some of the articles of this website, you definitely found out that the way in which a wedding toast (in our case, a father of the groom speech) is organized is no different from the structure of the small pieces of writing that each of us wrote as schoolwork. Such an oration ought to commence with a small opening (of a few sentences), followed by a principal section (much larger than the first part) and another small section, representing the ending (i.e. the speech’s conclusion).

Details about the topics that you ought to cover in the first and in the last part (the intro and the ending) of the speech that you have to offer at you son’s marriage reception, are presented in other posts of this website. This article presents an overview of the main ideas that are appropriate for the second section (i.e. the body) of a successful father of the groom wedding speech. After reading this article and others, you will be tempted to include many ideas in your oration, but you must not lose site of the recommended time span of such a toast, which is somewhere around three to five minutes. [Read more…]